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2 issue May 2020

Photographer: Simona Velkoborská
MUAH: Jana Zimandlová
Model: Anna Hübnerová
Florist: Rozkvetlá dílna



Make up and hair artist

Prague, Czech Republic


"Make up fascinated me since I was a child. I worked as
a model for 10 years and often felt that the make up artists
I worked with were unable to do 100% work. Therefore
I started to do my own make up for certain photo shoots and make up of my friends as well. After a while during maternity leave, I decided to sign up for a make up course and see what the future brings.
It's been two years now since I have started to work as
a professional make up artist. I work with many different photographers, I do make up for actors in interesting movies, TV series (for example czech serie "Slunečna"), advertising spots etc. I really enjos my job, it is fulfilling. Thanks to this job I meet a lot of amazing people."

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